We are a visual communication and design agency that uses data visualization, infography and maps to tell compelling stories for NGO’s, media and social-driven companies. We work on scientific and social issues to generate awareness and understanding through visual narratives, storytelling, data or gamification. We develop digital and graphic products for global organizations working on science, social or politics.

We love working from strategy, building a communication plan, designing and developing a project.

We develop digital products or graphics on sustainalbility, endangered species, climate change, energy, politics or social issues.

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Our history

The Robot was founded in 2008 by Xavier Rivas and Griselda Serra. After more than 10 years working in the movie business, promoting films and executing digital marketing campaigns, they decided to become entrepreneurs and launch the Robot. They are in fact a lawyer and an economist who ended up discovering their true passion: telling compelling stories with visuals, helping organizations explain difficult subjects, exploring data to find meaning and discovering new ways of communicating through design and technology with people. They are also curious about everything, they think Kahneman holds the key to human understanding, and they share the will to protect and care for the Robot above all things.

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