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We’ve partnered with WWF to create this immersive storytelling experience in AR about Free Flowing Rivers. Our goal is that children and adults can understand, empathize and support one of the big environmental causes of our time: keeping our rivers free.



By creating a realistic 3D model that you can place in your environment, we embark you in a gamified experience where you can explore how rain affects the habitat and how it adapts naturally to it, how the building of a dam causes an irreversible fragmentation in the river, or how we can use other green energy sources rather than hydropower. At the end of the story, you will get to ride a canoe down the river!


The use of AR has allowed us to generate a more immersive and engaging visual interactive story. The result is an emotional educational journey through a free flowing river habitat that will impact people in a way that only augmented reality can do.


The official launch of the app took place in Apple’s event in Chicago, where Apple featured some apps that used AR for educational purposes.

Presentation of the app at the Apple event on education in Chicago

AR Detail

AR Detail

AR Detail